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World Horse Transport has animal welfare in a very high priority. After all, the top priority is that your horse is well taken care of and arrives fit at its destination. Therefore, we only have professional drivers who have knowledge about horses (welfare). World Horse Transport has several vehicles with a capacity of 2 to 19 horses. Our vehicles meet the latest requirements in the field of safe transport and are equipped in accordance to the legal EU standard. We have had all vehicles fully equipped according to our wishes, which makes the transport very comfortable for both horses and drivers. Our vehicles are equipped as follows:

  • Well-maintained and modern fleet of vehicles
  • EU certificate for transport longer than 8 hours
  • Constant camera surveillance from the cabin
  • Blue, white and red light in the horse area
  • GPS and temperature registration between vehicles and the office
  • Water supply for the horses
  • Stallions separation unitsCompletely closed separation units, so horses can be transported completely separately.


The horses are positioned diagonally with the option to transport the horses loose or secured. Especially on longer journeys, having horses completely unattached is a calming factor and healthier for the respiratory system.
Our cars are very light (6 to 10 roof hatches, and long lanes of windows). Also, our cars have brake lights inside the cabin with the horses. Horses already figure out after about 15 minutes that when the red light lights up slightly, braking is taking place. Of course, we drive, brake and steer calmly, so that horses have time to move in the right
It is important that horses do not lose too much moisture during transport. Our trucks have a capacity of 500 liters of water. Every 4.5 hours our drivers offer water manually. This way the drivers know exactly which horse is drinking well or less well and they can quickly anticipate.
Horses have access to hay during the entire trip with us. We feed a sparse type of hay, to avoid an overly rich diet. The hay has a low protein content, but does have a high nutritional value.
Wood shavings
During the transport the horses are standing on a thick layer of wood shavings. This way the car is less likely to get dirty and the horses are standing dry. Urine is absorbed in the wood shavings, this keeps the air in the car fresh and the horse does not hesitate to urinate.
The brands we have committed to are:
    • STX Horse Boxes

    • Mercedes Benz Actros (Trucks)

    • Renault Master (2 horse trucks)

    • Schwarzmüller (semi-trailer and trailers)


    • Böckmann 


Track & Trace


All our vehicles have a Track & Trace system. These send out a signal every minute that includes speed, location and temperature. This way we always know where your horse is, how long a trip will take and how long and where a tailgate has been open. If you have any questions during the journey, you can always contact us. Of course, we will keep you informed about the progress of the trip if you wish. World Horse Transport is a horse transport company that considers service as very important. Through this technique, we can be of extra service to you.

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