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If you want to move your horse to a destination within Europe, with World Horse Transport you’re at the right place. We drive everywhere and make a suitable proposal for everyone, trying to get your horse as quickly as possible to its destination. Currently we transport to 23 countries within Europe and even if your destination is not listed on our website, please contact us. We like to think of possibilities to get your horse to the desired destination.

The examiner will arrive the morning of departure, after which the horses will be transported with the appropriate truck to their destination. It may be that your horse is at your request examined at home and is picked up on the route to the country in question. It is also possible that the horses are pre-loaded. We then pick up the horses in advance and stable them for one or two nights at our accommodation.

Request for quoatation

Directly to quotation request
Several horses from different customers are transported on the same transport. This allows your horse to be transported at a more competitive rate.

Ask for the possibilities and destinations.

Private ride
Your horse(s) will be transported alone and not combined with horses from other customers. The horses are transported directly to their destination in accordance with your wishes.

24-hour service


We have a 24-hour service in which we can transport your horse quickly and efficiently, even at night and in emergencies. We are ready for you day and night with drivers who understand the horse industry and have very good knowledge of horses.

Overnight addresses

Along the way, rest is made at stables equipped for this purpose. Your horse will then be taken off the car for 10 to 12 hours and placed in a stable. If your horse has special habits during transport or if we have to take special circumstances into account, please let us know in advance. It goes without saying that our focus is on every horse and that they will receive all the attention and care they need from our experienced (logistics) staff. Your horse will have hay at its disposal during the entire journey and will be provided with water at regular intervals.

We use the same addresses in each country as much as possible, where we often come for years with satisfaction. Your horse will be walked after the journey or, if you prefer, can stretch its legs in a paddock. Our drivers will take care of your horse upon arrival and will immediately check its fitness and health. During the journey, your horse will not be given any concentrated feed (pellets or muesli). This can be given to your horse on request in the rest stable.

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